Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Fun Easter Album

Many of you may have seen this cute little Love Elsie "Zoe Pallette" album in the store and wondered, "What could I possibly use them for?" Well...Sherri, Miss Idea Queen, handed me the book and said, "This would make a great album for dying Easter Eggs." She was so right.

The first idea I had was actually for the back cover. Since these albums come with 30 pages, I thought I could do some great layering to make a dimensional cut out. I made five templates. One template for the outside rim which is just a border that is wide enough to encase the hole for the ring. The next two were tempates for grass. I used two different grass designs. I also made two designs for the sun. Each of these templates was based on the top template of the outside rim.

I traced each templates three times. I then glued the layers together using Zig two way glue. Now I have five pieces for my back page.
I used the template to trace my paper for the grass,the sun and the border and cut them out as well. I used love Elsie "Toby Go" embossed card stock for the grass. I used Pizzazill orange for the sun. The border was covered with "Zoe Candy Stripe." I glued each of these to the top of the correct layers.

I then sanded each of the layers with my Basic Grey files and inked them with my Cat Eye Chalk Inks.
I cut out a cloud from the "Toby Cloudy" paper and glued it on the back blue cover. Then I started gluing each of the layers down. I slide my cut out of Luke hunting for eggs. For some added texture, I used my Stickles to create some added sparkle to the sun. I then hid some jeweled flowers and made some homemade easter eggs that I made from "Toby" and "Zoe" papers. Then I did some outlining with dots and dashes using a black pen.

When everything was in place, I painted the outside with purple paint.

Here are the rest of the pages for the album.
I embossed an egg dipper for the front cover. I also made sure that the Maya Roads click could be seen through the hole in the front cover.
I also have some pictures of my kids with some jelly beans that I think would fabulous with this album.
I hope this inspires you. If you have any questions, I will be glad to help you out.


sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

How neat to have dyed Easter eggs with their great grandma. Love the layered back cover, a really neat idea, and the rest is very cute too. Like that little bunny face peeking at us on the bottom of the page and the duck peeking through the hole in the cover. Jelly bean pictures would be neat in here too, it does look like jelly beans on the cover, doesn't it.

Stacie said...

You did a great job!! I love that little book!!

Dee Dee said...

You did a great job. I really want to try your layering idea for a cover. :) Oh - and cute bunny!